About Me

I'm just your everyday photographer with a passion for landscapes, and advice giving!

If you’re going to be in and around Sherborne at some point and need help finding the best place to help out photography or check on a camera, as well as anything else, here are some useful links that I think will be of great help.

Sherborne Bradford Abbas Camera Club
- This is a club I hold very dear to my heart. They usually meet up once a month in the village hall and will always have the best photos of the area that would be fitting on any postcard.

A local estate agent in Sherborne
- These lovely people helped me find a house when I moved back a few years from ago from University at a price that couldn’t be done nowadays. This is my big thank you to them.

The Green
- A fantastic restaurant located inside a beautiful listed building. You’d be a miss not to take a photo or two when the main course comes out. Sherborne Castle
-If you want to take the best photos go here. Many people might direct you towards the abbey, but this really is the best location to great views and building shots from.
Select Entertainment
- A fantastic team of DJs with the best equipment.
-Profesional, on time, great selection of music and great fun!

Global Images Gallery
- A local gallery that I have more than enough time for any day of the week.

My Philosophy

Take the photos that matter the most to you, not the ones you think will sell the best

My Equipment

Nikkon D4s

My staple, the best camera a photographer could ever want!

i have too many lenses to list here but my go to would be the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8G ED AF-S NIKKOR Wide Zoom Lens for great looking landscapes